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Clinton 12 Baseball Jersey for Men

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Before the "Little Rock Nine", on August 26, 1956, 12 African-American students became the first to integrate a previously all-white school in Clinton, Tennessee. Facing the anti-integration campaigners from inside and outside Clinton, The Clinton 12 walked together in the morning of each school day down Broad Street from Foley Hill to Clinton High. On the morning of December 4, 1956, Rev. Paul Turner, the white minister of the First Baptist Church, was severely beaten after escorting the twelve students to school. The twelve students were Jo Ann Boyce (Allen), Bobby Cain, Theresser Caswell, Minnie Ann Jones (Dickey), Gail Ann Upton (Epps), Ronald Hayden, William Latham, Alvah J. Lambert (McSwain), Maurice Soles, Robert Thacker, Regina Smith (Turner), and Alfred Williams. Early in the morning of October 5, 1958, the Clinton High School building was severely damaged by an estimated 75 to 100 sticks of dynamite placed in three locations in the building. No one was injured and Clinton High School reopened in its own building in 1960.

7.41 Oz. Premium mesh fabric: 100% polyester.
Features full-button front and rounded hem.
Moisture-wicking fabric for a lightweight, breathable feel.
Machine wash, tumble dry low.
Available Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL

by Mile High Gear