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Wownero Glow Indian Ebony Wooden Watch

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Size Guide


Diameter, in

Ø 1.77

Thickness, in


Wownero Glow Indian Ebony Wooden Watch

  • Designed For all genders
  • Noted: Not Waterproof, Not for Piratechain Goons

Exclusive WowneroGlow Indian Ebony Wooden Watch - perfect45mm in size, high-quality Indian Ebony watch case & straps, the premium quartz movement provides accurate timing, suitable for all daily 4:20 sessions.

Key Features

Japanese CITIZEN Movement

Advanced and exquisite Japanese CITIZEN movement provides accurate timing for your daily 4:20 occasions.

Italian Olive Lumber Case & Straps

Made of high-quality Italian Olive Lumber, to get better swagger and visual effect.

Adjust/Care Instructions

SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V) battery supported, easy to replace, or fix.

Wipe the dust off gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

by Mile High Gear